Question: I came here in July 2014 on L1-A. However, my I-129 proposed employment location as Denver with Client A, whereas I landed in July 2014 in Dallas and since then I am working for Client B in Dallas (client office and/or my sponsoring company’s office).
So, in this case, being on L1-A, is it really mandatory for me to file location change amendment to reflect “Proposed Employment” location as precise location where I am working from? Kindly Suggest.
Answer: There is no formal guidance available that mandates an amendment of location for L1A beneficiaries. However, US Citizenship and Immigration Services’s (USCIS) Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate has recently began implementing L-1 site inspection in response to an August 2013 report released by the US Department of Homeland Security’s office of Inspector General (OIG), titled “Implementation of L-1 visa program”. The report is available at  The L-1 site visit is funded by the $500 Fraud Fee required for the initial filing of all L-1 petitions. Based on the site visit program, we would advise an update with the USCIS about your changed location.