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Change of status from H-4 to F1

Question: I am on H-1B and my wife is on H-4 visa. My wife has started her studies (MS in Business analytics at UNT Denton) from Fall 2017 and she plan to graduate in Dec 2018. She is planning to convert from H4 to F1 now, so I had few questions regarding it:
1) How long does the change of status process takes?
2) What documents will be required to be submitted for change of status to USCIS?
3) My PERM will be filed soon for GC, will that affect her petition?

Answer: The change of status takes about 6-9 months. So most of the course work will finish prior to F1 kicking in and the availability of OPT will be impacted, if that’s the goal. Further, the filing of PERM does not impact the spouse and their status.