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COVID-19 Update: Temporary Closure of USCIS International Offices

  According to USCIS announcement dated March 25, 2020, it has temporarily closed its offices in Rome, Italy, and Nairobi, Kenya, to the public, due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. As per the USCIS Website as updated on March 25, 2020, the following International Offices are closed temporarily or permanently:

  1. Temporarily Closed Field Offices Due to COVID-19:
International Office Type of Office Status
Beijing, China Field Office Closed Temporarily
Guangzhou, China Field Office Closed Temporarily
Rome, Italy Field Office Closed Temporarily
Nairobi, Kenya Field Office Closed Temporarily

Also, USCIS will reschedule all appointments and will continue to respond to email inquiries, and one can contact the USCIS Nairobi Field Office, through USCIS.NBO.Public@uscis.dhs.gov and for adoption-related inquiries through NBO.Adoptions@uscis.dhs.gov; USCIS Rome Field Office can be contacted through  uscis.rome@uscis.dhs.gov.


  1. Permanently Closed Field and District Offices: These Closures are not related to the COVID-19
International Office Type of Office Status
Amman, Jordan Field Office Closed Permanently
Athens, Greece Field Office Closed Permanently
Bangkok, Thailand Field Office Closed Permanently
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Field Office Closed Permanently
Frankfurt, Germany Field Office Closed Permanently
Johannesburg, South Africa Field Office Closed Permanently
Lima, Peru Field Office Closed Permanently
Monterrey, Mexico Field Office Closed Permanently
Manila, Philippines Field Office Closed Permanently
Moscow, Russia Field Office Closed Permanently
Port-au-Prince, Haiti Field Office Closed Permanently
Seoul, South Korea Field Office Closed Permanently
Bangkok, Thailand District Office Closed Permanently
Mexico City, Mexico District Office Closed Permanently
Rome, Italy District Office Closed Permanently

  Please refer to our previous articles on COVID-19. We will regularly update the blog as soon as any new information is available on COVID-19.

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This article aims to provide new information concerning COVID-19 and its effect on the Aliens. This article, under no circumstances, acts as legal or medical advice; therefore, for any further case-specific question, please contact your doctor and attorney or the Ahluwalia Law Offices, P.C. (Team ALO).

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