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Department of Labor Publishes FY2014 H-1B Usage Data

The Department of Labor (DOL) just released data regarding the usage of this year’s H-1B temporary nonimmigrant visa program. According to data released by the DOL, a total of 494,467 applications were received in Fiscal Year 2014. There were a total of 519,503 determinations made during that time period; 471,959 were certified, 11,938 were denied, and 35,606 were withdrawn.

The top 10 occupations requested in H-1B applications in FY2014 are as follows: (1) computer systems analysts; (2) computer programmers; (3) software developers, applications; (4) computer occupations, all other; (5) software developers, systems software; (6) accountants and auditors; (7) management analysts; (8) financial analysts; (9) network and computer systems administrators; and (10) electronics engineers, except computers.

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