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Driver’s license based on Asylum

Question: My family is on ASYLUM. Every year our EAD gets renewed. We applied for renewal , got I797 C receipt notice that USCIS received the application and our case is transferred to another USCIS office because of the more pending cases. It clearly stated on the receipt notice that I can work for 180 days more if I have the receipt until I get my EAD. But, my problem is my Driver license expires today as per old EAD. As per Trump new policy, is it safe for me to drive and work ? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

Answer: If DPS (Texas Department of Public Safety) does not give you a driver’s license without an approved EAD, we would not advise you to drive without a license. Please be careful and you are right – being pulled up by an officer will exacerbate your situation.

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