Did you receive a Request for Evidence about your pending adjustment of status case? If yes, then this is great news!!!! This means that you are getting close to your long-awaited green card. The recent update for many pending cases under the employment based 3rd category- which moved forward to 2004, this past month, has generated requests from USCIS. These requests are issued to determine the beneficiary’s continued eligibility for the previously pre-adjudicated Employment based adjustment applications. The term continued eligibility means the Principal Applicant has a valid offer of employment from the time the priority date is established until the issuance of an immigrant visa in any EB visa category requiring a job offer.

From the recent RFEs that our office is witnessing, the trend seems to be requesting a letter of employment from the petitioning employer, or if the individual had ported to another employer, then, an AC21 based employment offer- verifying employment, and continuity of job offer. The requests are also verifying continuous employment authorizations through I 797 approvals of H1B or employment authorization document, from the date of I-485 filing to present. There is also a request for an updated Medical examination & Vaccination record (Form I-693).

All the Best and hope that this is the last thing that USCIS needs before you obtain your green card!

Some updates from USCIS are below:

  • Deadline for H1B amendments for any changes in location for projects between April 9, 2015 and August 19th 2015 is January 15th, 2016.
  • H1B amendments for project and location changes, outside the current MSA after August 19th is immediately upon the change and prior to the employee joining work.