The first day in Congress and they think that they can do H1B reform.. On Wednesday, Representative Issa (R-CA) re-introduced the bi-partisan Protect and Grow American Jobs Act, H.R. 170, which seeks to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to modify the definition of “exempt H-1B nonimmigrant.” Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), who has been critical of Issa’s bill, told CNN she would introduce her own proposals to change to how permanent visas are awarded under the H-1B program. Here is more of what republicans want… If this goes through…each H1B will need to be paid $100K unless they can say, no US worker was found for the job, which amounts to doing the PERM type process. MS degree holders, who were exempt from the requirement (currently- $60K) would no longer be exempt but here is where it may save our clients – it will impact companies with over 50 employees, who have 15% of their employees on H1B.
And Democrats want something even more (surprise surprise)..