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Immigrants With Temporary Protected Status Who Entered USA Illegally Will Not Be Eligible For Green Card

 The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services lists a total of 12 nations under Temporary protected Status Eligibility. This status is generally granted to immigrants who are allowed to stay because of unsafe conditions or unprecedented crisis and humanitarian conditions in their country of origin. It protects them from deportation and allows them to work legally. A unanimous Supreme Court ruled that while immigrants under TPS status who had entered the country legally, that is, have been “inspected and admitted or paroled into the United States” are eligible to apply for adjustment of status and obtain permanent residency,  while those who have been here illegally will be permanently barred from seeking Permanent lawful status, unless the Congress passed laws that would grant that to the TPS holders, who did not have a lawful admission.

This decision came after the long debate of whether granting of TPS can be construed as being legally “admitted” to the United States or not.

The legislation that would allow immigrants under TPS to become Green Card holders has already been passed by the House of Representation under the DREAM Act and is now awaiting a similar response from the Senate.

This ruling might cause thousands of Immigrants who have been in the US for decades and whose children are American citizens, face the threat of deportation and the possibility of being forced to move back to their native country.

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