The year 2015 has seen its high and lows in Immigration matters. With H-1B and roving employees, now comes the obligation to amend the work location with the USCIS, and matter of Simeio Solutions modified the understanding. In May 2015, came the much awaited H4 EAD rule which benefits the families of H-1B holders with approved I-140s and who are awaiting the filing of their Adjustments. In June, Nepal made to the TPS list due to the earthquake, that ravaged its people. USCIS introduced visa bulletin with two charts per visa category; Application Final Action Dates and Dates for Filing Applications, which will allow premature filings for Adjustment, prior to the availability of visa numbers. The announcement for the month of October was unceremoniously withdrawn, causing much harm to the people who has spent time and effort in getting their cases ready. Texas v U.S, dealing with the executive action announced in 2014, is awaiting a review at the Supreme Court. DHS has a pending NPRM which will allow STEM students to extend their OPTs for 24 months.
Though many unfriendly bills impacting immigration are currently underway, we hope sanity will prevail for the sake of reasonable Immigration reform.