The devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in April has caused about a thousand to lose their lives and another few thousands were left homeless and injured. Such was an impact that the scientists analyze the height of the tallest mountain, Mount Everest, is wee bit shrunk!

The Congress has offered Nepalese nationals who are currently in United States with a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) (H.R .2033 – Nepal Temporary Protected Status Act of 2015). The duration of the program is specified by the Department of Homeland Security. TPS would grant Nepalese Nationals a protection from deportation and travel authorization. They can also legally work and reside in United States and send remittances to Nepal during the recovery from earthquake. Hence, TPS will not only ease the financial burden of rebuilding but would also enable Nepal to adequately handle the return of Nepalese down the road.

While the Congress helps Nepal to recover from the powerful quake, the USCIS also announces relief measures for Nepalese Nationals. Upon request, individuals currently in US will be eligible to change or extend their nonimmigrant status. They will be granted re-parole and the parole process will be expedited. Where ever possible, requests for off-campus employment authorization for F-1 students experiencing severe economic hardship will be adjudicated and approved in an expedited manner. Further, to what end appropriate, employments authorization applications will be adjudicated. USCIS will also consider the fee waiver associated with the benefit applications based on inability to pay. It will assist in replacing lost or damaged immigration or travel documents such as green cards.
As one of the Congress members correctly stated that the great nation extends the hand of friendship to all during the times of challenge and crisis. We extend our prayers and support to Nepal at this critical time.