Question: I am a US citizen since 2005. My son, 28 years of age now remained Alien card holder which expired in 2003. His passport also expired in 2006. He applied N-400 to be US citizen. It completed process with the decision that he is already US citizen. However he is not Naturalized. He is trying to get his US passport. He is having trouble furnishing proof of his basis of citizenship. We are getting his DOB from Birth Registrations office. We have Affidavits for our marriage proof. They are asking for proof of relationship and dependency at the time. Please advice.
Answer: It will require an analysis to see if your son acquired citizenship through you in year 2005 and if he was a minor, that is under the age of 18 years. If he was a minor, than you do not have to file for his naturalization but will apply for a certificate of citizenship.