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How do we proceed after a B2 visitor visa rejection?

Question: My younger brother’s B2 visitor visa was rejected recently. We assume it is because he is single and holds a Master degree in Medicine and is practicing in India. To add to it, we are GC holders here in the U.S. Any advice on how to secure a visitor visa while his intentions are only to visit the family here for about 3-4 weeks? He has a No Objection from his employer covering his vacation and that is a clear intent to return, besides his bank, parental family ties. We need some advice.


Answer: I would advise three things to be covered to qualify for the consular officer’s discretionary grant of the visitor visa. The reason for travel, which must be travel and tourism within the US, the emotional ties to the home country and the financial strength in the home country. You have to show these, for the officer to understand that your brother will not stay back in the US and will return to his home country.