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Obtaining an I20 and Applying for Dependents


I am planning to visit USA this year for a holiday with my husband and 5 year old son. We plan to visit a few schools as well and if we are able to get an I20 for spring session. How long will it take for me get study visa? Can my husband and son stay back with me?


You can visit schools and see the criteria for admission. You cannot have an intent to change status in the country when coming in. As a visitor, you can only  have a visitor intent and if the CBP finds out the reason for the visit is to be a student, then you can be denied entry. In a case that you decide to change your status, you have to wait 90 days to make contact with any school or obtain  a 1-20, otherwise your change of status may be denied. Please be aware that if you file a change of status correctly, the dependents can be given status as F2.

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