At Ahluwalia Law Offices, we understand that making the decision to divorce is a tough and emotional decision.  We provide the legal knowledge to help you through the process as easily as possible.  We also understand and appreciate the role that emotions play in the ending of a marriage, and will help you to make level-headed and fully informed decisions.

Divorces take many shapes.  Whether you and your partner have amicably decided to separate and come to agreements on property and children prior to filing for divorce, or if you are facing a contested divorce with disputes over custody and debts, we are equipped to assist you in navigating your divorce and coming to a resolution that will protect your interests in the future.

Texas is a community property estate, meaning that marital property (typically including property acquired by either spouse during the course of marriage, savings from income during marriage, and retirement accounts) will be divided in a just and right manner.  This often results in a balanced division of assets, regardless of whether one spouse earned an income and the other was unemployed.

Assets that must be reviewed during the course of a divorce include checking and savings accounts, investment accounts, retirement plans, pensions, real property, automobiles, and other property.  The general rule is that property acquired during the course of marriage is part of the marital estate, regardless of whose name the property is in.  Exceptions pertain to gifts and inheritance.  Further, asset division does not have to be a 50/50 split to be considered an equitable division—one party can be awarded the marital residence and the other can retain 100% of his or her 401 (k).

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