Estate Planning

Estate Planning for individuals and married couples is more important than most of us realize.  An estate plan includes many separate documents, such as a last will and testament, medical and financial powers of attorney, and HIPAA authorizations.  We also provide documents which will allow you to designate who is to care for you if you become unable to care for yourself, and instructions for your caregivers on end-of-life decisions.  Each of these documents serves a unique and important purpose, and our loved ones can feel a real impact if this planning is ignored or inadequate.

Taking the time now to complete your estate plan saves time and money (potentially a lot of money) in the long run.  We recommend a complete review of estate planning documents every five to ten years, after the birth of a new child or first grandchild, and after divorce or remarriage.  Come in and let’s review where you are in your estate planning needs, and put together a package to ensure you will be taken care of and your loved ones will not face additional hardships in the future.