Question: I am currently working on an L2 EAD valid till 24th Aug 2017 (The L2 Visa expires on 24th Aug 2017) My employer has filed an H1 B Petition on my behalf in the last week of April 2017 (my H1 B is not subject to the annual cap). Also, my spouse’s L1 B Visa is valid till April 2019. Given that premium processing for H1B has been suspended, there is a risk that my H1 B approval may not come through before expiry of my L2 Visa in August 2017. Given this scenario, would it be prudent to travel to India and get my L2 renewed? Would that have any impact on processing of my current H1 B petition?

Answer: We can not predict if the H-1B will be processed by the expiration of your L2 visa. But going for stamping is an option if the L1 has been extended till 2019. To work on L2, you will however enter the country on the L2 and then file an EAD which will allow you to work.