Ushering in this morning, in the wake of the victory of President elect Trump, the day appeared gray. As I made it to Funasia 104.9 FM for my weekly radio community show, involving immigrants, I choked up when summing what it meant for you- my client, my community of immigrants, who have left the unfair systems and the lack of opportunities or escaped persecution in their nation of birth, to line up in this country to pursue its fruits of reward for hard work and inclusiveness, whether you did so legally or entered or stayed on without permission.

The rhetoric from his campaign was harsh and if he holds himself to it, I have a vision of mass deportations, the scapegoating of the Muslim-Americans, the end of DACA and other proposals that would restrict the entry of potential immigrants into this nation of immigrants. However, I remain ever hopeful that as a statesman, President Trump will be on board with pursuing his policies with humanity and broadness and will surround himself with advisers smarter than the previous coterie during the campaign to do good for this great country of ours. What I can clearly see- immediately, is that DACA or Dream Act or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals will not be renewed. President Trump after his inauguration will have access to the lists of DACA recipients which can offer a guide to Immigration Custom and Enforcement to aid in deportation. Will he do it? Though he promised to round up the illegal population to deport, a recent announcement from his campaign said that he will be targeting people with criminal history. We can only wait and see, what part immigration plays as he starts his term next year.

Though we don’t know what the next several years may bring our way, the only thing that I can promise you on the behalf of Ahluwalia Law Offices, that we will be here to guide you, navigate the path ahead and will work to advocate your interests through all forums available to us. We wish to empower you with a few things today, when you struggle to accept the new President. We are prepared to stand against laws and policies that violate fundamental principles of fairness and due process, or that denigrate the important role that immigration has played in building our great nation. We will remain ready to advocate for fair and reasonable immigration law and policy. We are a nation built by immigrants and our shared prosperity relies on the creativity of immigrants from all over the world, from all traditions and faiths and from all walks of life. Get ready and buckle down to get to work together!