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SB-4: Partially Effective

On Monday, A Federal Court allowed for the core provisions of the SB4 law to go into effect, even though it is still pending a hearing on the full merits from both sides by the US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in November.

The part that is being allowed to go into effect is the provision that allows for the local law enforcement officials to hold the detainees suspected of being undocumented for at least 24 hours, which would give the ICE agents ample time to pick them and start the deportation process.

While this aspect is being praised by law-makers for being able to keep Texas safe, it is also raising concerns that people will be more hesitant on reporting crimes for fear of their own immigration status falling under scrutiny.

While aspects of this law are still pending the November hearing, the provisions that are now effective still give many a cause for concern on the uncertainty of what is coming next.

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