USCIS guidelines are important to adjudicate E-2 visa successfully. To begin, the treaty investors must have at least 50% ownership to the investment and it should be continued going forward. The essential skills must be provided in the duties of an executive, supervisor or essentially skilled employees. There is no concept of dual intent for E-2 visa holders when applying for Adjustment Of Status. There are also no site visits for E-2 visa holders. It is strongly advised to go through the reciprocity schedule of the consulate country. For instance, London requires applications should be submitted in a two or three ringed hard binder with tabs. These are peculiar requirements that should not be ignored. At the end, an investment of $50,000 and a good business plan is what will get you a successful E-2 visa!!
For the students, if there is STEM degree before the current degree the student is pursuing, the student will obtain STEM extension. U.S worker protections are also now added. DHS may do site visits to review hiring and pay practices. STEM extension should be made a rule by February 2016 since the announcement was just made in October. All the best and Wish Our readers a Happy Holiday season !!!