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Upcoming Possible Government Shutdown … and what this means for You

As we approach the start of the Fiscal New Year, we are looking at a greater possibility of a government shutdown.  This is something that has happened previously in 2013, when due to the budget, the Government was shut down for a little over 40 days and heavily impacted immigration cases.

This halted all H-1B cases from being filed as one of the requirements of the application – the Labor Condition Application (LCA) – was not being processed. All Permanent Labor Certification applications were also halted.

With the shutdown looking almost imminent, and the long processing times on H-1B’s, we are urging all clients and petitioners to begin the process for their upcoming H-1B extensions and amendments by September 20, 2017, so that all the LCA’s can be processed before the shutdown.

If your LCA is not filed, this could mean a longer delay for the processing on your case.

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