A warning issued to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is resonating fear amongst the supporters of DACA.  Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelley, recently spoke to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, in relation to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act.  With the new administration, the fate of DACA has been questioned several times, but President Trump and the Republican leaders had assured, on several occasions, that those protected by the DACA program do not need to be concerned.

But last month, this changed when Republican state officials from 10 different states, led by the Texas Attorney General, called on the President to end the DACA program.

The Trump Administration now has until September 5, 2017 to decide on if the DACA program will be phased out or if they will risk a court challenge from the states, which is currently a very high risk from Texas.

According to Secretary Kelley, who has been a supporter and protector of DACA, the attorneys that he has consulted with do not think of this program as one that is legally sustainable.  Also in line with this, he does not expect the administration to defend the program in court.