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The USCIS has decided to focus on automating the adjudication process of immigration cases that will help quicken the time taken. It will use multiple applications such as Natural language processing helps harvest names for adjudicators and flag potential fraud when applicants’ stories don’t align, machine learning (ML) combs biographic and bio-metric data to identify people with USCIS benefits, and network analytics make connections regarding their relationships and employers.

These new tools will make it easier for adjudicators to dissect through the supporting evidence submitted by applicants and make faster decisions to award immigration benefits to people. “Now we start to think about a lot of that pre-processing of adjudication really up front, as opposed to it being manually done or swivel chaired at an adjudicator’s workstation or workstations,” CTO Bob Brown said during an AI in Government event. “So providing a lot of that information upfront.”

USCIS will also use tools such as Computer vision and optical character recognition for classification of documents and checking their validity. While USCIS still has some unanswered concerns regarding privacy and security of using sch automated applications, but it hopes to deal with a number of cyber attack vectors when doing something as seemingly benign as verifying photos or videos of people by consolidating tool sets and platforms to provide a more robust continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

Such protective measure such as proper verification of algorithms etc. to account for security and safety while verifying photographs and passports are important as well. USCIS is still trying to solve the problem of data bias by automating algorithms to filter out biased data, audit pipelines and flag where data quality issues persist, Brown said.

Such adaptive automated services embedding customer and adjudicator personas are expected to be used by the USCIS before 2025


This article aims to provide new information concerning the processing of immigration cases. This article, under no circumstances, acts as legal advice; therefore, for any immigration questions, please contact your Attorney or the Ahluwalia Law Offices, P.C. (Team ALO).

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