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Whether a Client letter is required

Question: I got I-140 last month. My 6 year of H-1B is getting over in November 2018. My current H-1B is expiring in December 2017. Last month my H-1B extension was filed after I-140 was received.My project is ending in next month.I work for a big company . Currently they don’t have enough requirement in projects due to the year end .This H-1B extension was filed on generic client letter. In case of RFE (Request for Evidence), is client required to provide specific letter. Please suggest whether I should update my H-1B extension on premium or not. What are its pros and cons.

Answer: If have not provided all the information when you initially submitted the case, there will be a request for evidence whether through premium processing or regular processing. Since you are looking for a quick adjudication, premium processing will get you to understand the underlying issues a bit quicker.

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