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I am an H-1B. I traveled to India on Nov 7th 2020 and need to get my H-1B stamping done, my current H-1B, I-797 is approved till March 2021 and extension also approved till March 2024.

I have a few questions –

1. Can I complete and submit the DS-160 now and do you know if appointment dates will be available in Delhi Embassy currently ?

2. Which I-797 should I be using, the current or the newly extended/approved one?


     We don’t know when the consulates will attend to interviews and stamping. Its local decisions that we in the US don’t get any updates for.

     Secondly, if the extension till 2024 is starting from March then your stamping will not happen till March. And yes if you use the current I-797 then you will get       stamping till March 2021

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