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My In-laws came to US today and at immigration they were only granted 20 days visa, the reason given to us by the immigration officer was because when last time they were here in US they over stayed by 2 month (we did file for extension and was approved ) so to get full 6 month they should have stayed in their home land for more than 8 months and then come, the reason for their visit is I am leaving for my military training next week and since I have a little kid and to help out my wife, so mu question is can we file for extension?


The stamp by CBP is indicative of the CBP’s reprimand to the in-laws. It is not advised that they file for their extension as it will get denied and it will be held against them.  They may even get barred from entry in the future. I will have to see the passport and the I 94 record and go over the confirmation of what the officer said to them, but notwithstanding that, it is my advice that they return and stay abroad for a year prior to coming back to the US.

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