An Executive Order, likely to be challenged, makes it a top priority of President Trump to deport illegal immigrants present here but also the non- immigrants and permanent residents, who are legally present and may have had some crimes in their background. At the time these crimes were committed, they were not deportable offenses but later may have been added to the category of deportable offenses. Many such permanent residents may have served their time, dealt with the punishment already and may think that they are done with that part of the past. Apparently not according to this Executive Order’s current language and plain meaning. If you are undocumented and not maintaining status, and therefore a removable alien- any criminal offense, even if not yet convicted, not even charged, will make you a deportation priority. More ICE agents will be in the field. In addition to this, local and state law enforcement officials will be authorized to act as immigration officers to investigate, apprehend or detain aliens. What would all this lead to but racial profiling!