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F1 Student Visa and OPT Expiration

Question:  I am a student on F-1 visa currently on OPT. My OPT expires in January 2019. I was unemployed for around 80 days but did not exceed the 90 days limit of unemployment. Am I still eligible for 60 grace period after my OPT ends?

Answer:  The 60-day grace period is afforded to every F1 student, finishing up their course of study, past their course completion and OPT period on their I- 20. The period of unemployment is not a part of this count. (FYI- at this time, if USCIS discovers that the student went past the 90-day allowance for unemployment on their first time OPT, the student can be found to be out of status in the past. This will impact their ability to change status in the country.)