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Attending the Stake holders meeting with USCIS, some updates and what was stated in the call which is on YouTube: Backlog Reduction and Processing Times National Engagement with Director Jaddou – May 18, 2022.

The statement of USCIS was this:

COVID-19 restrictions, fiscal issues, a hiring freeze, and other factors have greatly exacerbated processing delays and backlogs, and placed burdens on applicants and petitioners. On March 29, USCIS announced a trio of efforts that set new backlog reduction goals, expanded premium processing to additional form types, and improved timely access to employment authorization documents. USCIS is committed to implementing new changes as efficiently as possible, so applicants and petitioners receive decisions on their cases more quickly. At this engagement, Director Jaddou and USCIS leadership discuss steps we are taking to improve processing times.

We commend USCIS efforts to get rid of backlogs and use technology to keep cases moving along. We as a law firm still think that the government is behind on receipting simple cases and is not cashing checks or issuing receipts for weeks. We also see that the mailroom staff at the USCIS are making errors, rejecting validly filed cases and separating files and then asking for information provided, via RFE. Our firm is seeing RFE for cases that have already passed the requested time on the benefit. Some new announcements with premium processing expansion will help in getting the ones who want their petitions approved a fair chance. We will also see that USCIS is trying to run through and get the EB2 cases approved but wait times on receipts is causing anxiety and duplicate attempts to file to get in line before the EB numbers go away on September 30th 2022.

SO keep it up USCIS, but let’s get our cases going and keep the basic things error free!!! Lets get the customer service line open and have officers address questions. Please answer the phone and give us a response. Have a inquiry form, which is case specific too.


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