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More Options are Available for Requesting a Social Security Card through USCIS Forms (Avoid Visiting the Social Security Administration Office)

USCIS is simplifying the process of receiving a Social Security card (SSN card) for non-U.S. citizens. It is now possible to request a new or replacement Social Security card through the Form I-765 and Form I-485. In the future, individuals will also be able to a request new or replacement Social Security card when applying for citizenship (through Form N-400). Once the forms I-765 or I-485 are approved, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will automatically issue the new or replacement card to the applicant at the mailing address listed on the I-765/I-485.

This process of receiving a SSN card is not new– many applicants have requested cards using the Form I-765 and successfully received their SSN cards automatically in the mail. Unfortunately, however, many applicants never received their cards in the mail, despite requesting their cards using USCIS forms, and were forced to visit the SSA office.

Now, USCIS is expanding its partnership with the SSA to better serve applicants, offer more options for requesting a SSN card, and ensure that more cards are mailed directly to the requestors. The goal is to streamline the process of receiving an SSN card and avoid visiting the SSA office.

This is beneficial to the thousands of applicants each year who:

  • Are seeking their first SSN card to be assigned a Social Security number
  • Need to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged card
  • Apply for an “unrestricted” Social Security card to replace a “restricted” SSN card
  • Need an updated SSN card after legally changing their name.

The SSA advises that you contact a Social Security office if you do not receive your SSN card within seven business days after receiving your EAD or Green Card.

This article aims to provide new information only. This article, under no circumstances, acts as legal advice; therefore, for any immigration questions, please contact your Attorney or the Ahluwalia Law Offices, P.C. (Team ALO).

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