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USCIS Policy Alert: Removing Guidance Related to the 2020 Civics Test.

Candidates for naturalization must show they have a fundamental grasp of both civics and the English language.1 A new civics test for citizenship was introduced by USCIS on December 1, 2020 (the “2020 civics test”). On March 1, 2021, USCIS switched back to the test from 2008.

In order to accommodate certain candidates who might have already been preparing for the 2020 test, USCIS briefly provided both the 2020 and 2008 versions of the exam. The 2020 Civics Test, however, is no longer given by USCIS; hence, test-related information is no longer required. USCIS is eliminating references to the 2020 civics test from the Policy Manual in order to clear up any misunderstandings and make sure that candidates are preparing for the correct version of the exam.

USCIS Policy Highlights
• Removes guidance related to the 2020 civics test, affirming USCIS administers only the 2008
version of the civics test.
• Affirms that USCIS administers 10 questions from the general bank of 100 civics test
questions, and accordingly, applicants need six correct answers to pass the civics test.

• Affirms that USCIS asks questions from a list of 20 specially designated civics questions when
administering the civics test to applicants who qualify for special consideration because they
are age 65 or older and have been lawful permanent residents for at least 20 years.

USCIS may also make other minor technical, stylistic, and conforming changes consistent with this

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